Living forever

In the news we have an NRO launch, Soyuz Launch and SpaceX, SpaceX and more SpaceX! Main topic: will the vastness of the cosmos force humanity to fin ways to extend life? And with life being extended, will we be forced in to the cosmos to find new homes? Help support future TMRO shows – […]


The battle between Roscosmos and NASA

Spacevidcast is changing names! We are becoming TMRO. Details in this episode. Our new sub-reddit is now available here: http://www.reddit.com/r/tmro Help keep Spacevidcast going! We are a crowd funded show supported by our community of TMRO! If you like this episode, consider contributing $1.00 for additional episodes! Details at http://www.patreon.com/spacevidcast Want to check out the […]


What will our Martian Government look like?

We will be making a colony on Mars within the next generation. When that happens, what will our new Martian Government look like? In Space News: Launch of a Proton rocket, The Big Bang Theory, SpaceX CRS-3, Yutu isn’t dead yet, Orbital drops the ULA lawsuit and cool NASA websites Help us continue to produce […]


Have we forgotten about the Moon?

We explore the idea that maybe jumping from the Earth to Mars isn’t the right idea. Our Moon is a great source of inspiration and can provide awe and wonder to people on and off planet. Should someone be focusing more heavily on a Lunar colony than a Martian one? News stories: MRO computer goes […]


Who owns the moon?

In this episode we talk about cosmic property rights. Who owns the moon? What about Mars? Can a company legally mine an asteroid? In space news: ULA and SpaceX go head to head at a Senate hearing committee, how tensions with Russia can negatively impact the US space programs, COSMOS, a new space plane is […]


Will private space kill the Space Launch System?

We chat with Rick Boozer, author of “The Plundering of NASA: an Expos√©” about his latest article on Space.com. Our question: can the Space Launch System survive in a marketplace where private space can do it cheaper, faster and better? His original op-ed is here: http://www.space.com/24628-will-spacex-kill-nasa-sls.html In space news: SpaceX show a little leg on […]


Get off my Lunar lawn

In space news we look at the rebirth of China’s Rover, the launch of Turksat 4A, the Earth does in fact revolve around the sun, 50 special Olympic gold metals and the Mars mystery rock is solved. Main topic: Bigelow wants to have the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation to define Lunar […]


2nd Coming of Space

With Apollo we went to the moon, planted a flag and left for good. With the NewSpace industry spinning up, are we set to go back to the moon and stay? On to Mars? What does this 2nd coming of space look like?