Want to spice up your iPhone 5 or computer with some hot Spacevidcast wallpapers? Check out the awesome downloads below and don’t forget to show off your epic new style to everyone you know!


Many people love the Spacevidcast logo, music and general look and feel. So we have created a downloads section for you to be able to grab these items. Please make sure that when you use them you’re not doing so in a way that reflects poorly on the show.

Downloads: AI | PSD | PNG

Downloads: AI | PSD | PNG

Downloads: TTF

Theme SongAIFWAV | M4A | MP3
You may use our theme music for personal use only. Ringtones, personal music playlists, etc. We ask that you do not include our theme in your own personal videos posted to YouTube, or any other media outlet.

Logo Styleguide

  • Use of the older Spacevidcast rocket in a circle logo is no longer permitted. Please use the above logo for all branding
  • The logo may be white, black or Spacevidcast blue. Please do not apply gradients.
  • If the logo is going on a 1 color print, you may use the same color that is being printed. In all other cases, please use one of the three approved colors.
  • The font used is Concielian Compact and may be downloaded above
  • In cases where the font is desired but makes the logo too wide, the Spacevidcast text may be centered below the logo

Color guide for Spacevidcast blue

  • Web value: #012f5e
  • RBG value: R0 G47 B94
  • HSB value: H210 S99% B37%
  • Lab value: L19 a2 b-33
  • CMYK value: C100% M87% Y36% K 28%