Open Thread: Changes for Spacevidcast Season 4 (SVC 3.34)

What is an Open Thread? Spacevidcast has a chatroom available 24/7 for people to come in and discuss the shows, events, and various goings-on in space on a daily basis. Most of the time, there are people in the chatroom to talk with. But what about the times when there isn’t? What if you have […]

Making Sense of Newtonian Physics

This entry is about Newtonian physics and making sense of it all. If you launched a rocket directly east from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, (the white arrow) it would have an inclination of 28.6 degrees. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched nearly due east from KSC, and has an inclination of 28.5 degrees (not shown). […]

Back to the moon, back to our destiny

As you watch Endeavour float above the earth at a staggering 17,500 MPH I think it’s important to remember who we all are and where we came from. We, as humans, are explorers. We are curious. We are adventurous. We are daring and sometimes foolish. We are capable of uniting the planet over magnificent accomplishments […]