Known as the Rocket Whisperer, Doug Jones will be guiding the Salon?s quest to gain insight into the current state of advanced space technology and the future of things to come. Doug will speculate on the viability of using possible technological advancements such as space tethers, beamed power, gun launches, and electromagnetic sails as a means to realize humanity?s continued reach into the cosmos.

Doug is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at XCOR Aerospace. He handles test design and analysis of test results for the company?s liquid rocket engine development and facilitates the development and operation of rocket engine test apparatus. Before joining XCOR, Doug was responsible for sizing the fluid injector elements in Rotary Rocket Company?s (RRC) rocket engine design. Prior to RRC, Doug designed, built, and tested a 400 lb thrust nitrous oxide/propane engine, it’s test facility, and a 300,000 cubic foot balloon system for Vela Technology. Doug also flew multiple times as flight test engineer in the X-Racer rocket powered aircraft!

Note to Spacevidcast epic subscribers. The standard video is only 60 minutes but you have an enhanced 80 minute version of this presentation. Jump ahead just past the 1 hour mark above to see the Q & A session only available to epic subscribers.


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